The Premiere Aquatic Services Swim (PASS) lesson program offers a unique and effective learning experience that combines Red Cross and USA Swimming skills by certified water safety instructors (WSI).  Learning to swim is progressive and involves building on one level to another. You will gain valuable water safety skills that will last a lifetime.  Please click "here" at the bottom of the page to register.

PASS Swim Level Descriptions:

Parent/Child - Parents are taught holds and phrases to use to acclimate young children to the water.  Recommended for ages 6 months to 2 years old.  

Fundamentals of Swimming - Introduction to basic skills.  This level is for those who are afraid to put their face in the water, never had swim lessons, or under age 5.   Basic skills include, but are not limited to breathing control and mastery, basic safety skills, and the rudimental skills of floating, kicking, and arm action.  

Level 1 - Designed to build on the foundation begun in Fundamentals of Swimming.  Reinforces breathing, kicking, and combined stroke on front and back.

Level 2 - Designed to reinforce previous breathing and stroke skills while allowing the swimmer to improve and explore variations of the basic strokes.

Level 3 - Designed to refine and improve strokes on front and back with new breathing patterns to help make swimming more efficient. The new skills of Dolphin Kick and Elementary Backstroke are also introduced and explored.

Transition Level (Level 4) - Designed to help improve the strength and agility of the swimmer through fitness skills.  Also, the progression and refinement of strokes on front and back are reinforced and mastered.

Pre-Swim Team Skills (Levels 5-7) - Designed for those swimmers that have almost fully refined swimming on front and back.  Breast Stroke, Side Stroke, swim team rules, and skills such as Starts and Turns are introduced.  Goal setting begins as swimming is now used for fitness, not just for recreation.  This may also be used as a platform for fitness training, swim team, lifeguard training, etc. 

Stoke Clinic - Designed to develop competitive training and endurance.  It is a concentrated course that combines Levels 1-5.  It is recommended for adults looking to create a fitness routine or children looking to move up to USA Swimming.  This can be done as a Stand-Alone Fitness Training Program.  

Private, semi-private, or small group lessons available by special arrangement only.

Please download and complete the registration form available here.  If you have any questions, please contact Heather at, or 443-804-8876.